2022 10/10 HazMat Tech 1A

Start Date/Time: 2022 10/10 0830
End Date/Time: 2022 10/14  1700

Course Total Hours: 40

Intended Audience:

Open to fire service, law enforcement, health, environmental and specific private industry personnel, this course includes class, didactic and hands-on training in real world scenarios-based experience.


First Responder Operations (FRO)

Location: Ventura County Fire Department 102 Durley Ave Camarillo, CA

Deadline to Register: Oct 10, 2022 @ 0830


Basic Chemistry
Module 1A is an intense introduction to the nature and behavior of chemicals. Instruction begins with discussion on atomic structure and the periodic table of the elements and follows through with 22 families of inorganic and organic chemical compounds. Emphasis is placed not only on name recognition, but the physical and chemical hazards associated with the materials in the event of a spill or emergency. Fire chemistry and the toxic products of combustion are also discussed as it pertains to various hydrocarbons and derivative compounds.

Equipment Students Should Bring: 

All materials provided