2024 02/12 - HazMat Incident Commander

Start Date/Time: 2024 02/12 0830
End Date/Time: 2024 02/13 17:30
Course Total Hours: 16

Intended Audience: This course is intended for firefighters, government employees, military personnel, and private industry emergency responders, who could manage a hazardous material emergency.

Prerequisites: First Responder Operations

Location: 1191 Main Street Half Moon Bay CA

Deadline to Register: February 12, 2024@0830

Description: This course provides the tools a person needs to assume command & control of an emergency response to a hazardous materials incident. It focuses on the legal and practical requirements to safely and competently manage a hazardous materials incident. Instructional methods include class activities, case studies, and tabletop exercises, with an emphasis on hands-on decision-making. This program meets OSHA requirements and NFPA recommendations for training at the Incident Commander level.