2024 05/21 Haz Mat Specialist 1G

Start Date/Time: 2024 05/21 0830 (Tuesday to Friday)
End Date/Time:  2024 05/24 1830
Course Total Hours: 40

Intended Audience: Open to fire service, law enforcement, health, environmental and specific private industry personnel, this course includes class, didactic and hands-on training in real world scenarios-based experience.

Prerequisites: FRO, Haz Mat Technician A- D, Haz Mat Specialist 1F

Location: NAS Coronado BLDG 47 Rogers Road, San Diego, CA 92135

Deadline to Register: May 21, 2024 @ 0830

Description: The Specialist courses provide the highest level of training competency available for a Hazardous Materials Team member. By taking advantage of the Specialist courses, participants have the opportunity to train with State certified Hazardous Materials props, contained on one of IEC's mobile training trailers. The IEC-CSTI certified instructors provide hands-on training for all Hazardous Materials courses. Specialist Level - Module F: F Week studies include, Introduction to Field ID of Hazardous Materials, Demonstration of Field ID of Hazardous Materials as well as Field Identification of known and unknown. F week is 90% hands- on for the students as they work with the Instructors thru the procedures for identifying unknown hazardous materials / chemicals in a lab and field settings. Rail Car Assessment, and Rail Car repair tools and equipment for General Service, Chlorine, Pressure, and Acid as well as MC 306/DOT 406 Stinger Operations, and Air Monitoring are also covered in the F week course.


Equipment Students Should Bring: 

  1. SCBA's, turnouts/PPE's, gloves, safety glasses, radio communications, monitoring equipment, chemical boots, Level A" training suits