2024 06/08 - Trench Rescue Technician

Start Date/Time: 2024 06/08 0800
End Date/Time: 2024 06/10  1700
Course Total Hours: 24

Intended Audience: Firefighters

Prerequisites: RS1

Location: Patterson FD, 344 West Las Palmas Ave, Patterson, CA 95363

Deadline to Register:  June 8, 2024 @ 0800

Minimum of 15 students needed for the class to take place.

Description: This three-day (24 hour) course will take you from classroom discussion to working safely and efficiently in a trench rescue environment. This hands-on training program will cover topics that include: Trench and Excavation Regulations, Understanding Soil, Trench Configurations, Trench Hazards, Rescue Team Preparation, Incident Response, Initial On Scene and Pre-Entry Operations, Shoring Systems and Components, Installation of Shoring Systems, Victim Rescue and Recovery and Incident Termination.

Equipment Students Should Bring: 

Students are required to bring Helmet and Gloves, Eye Protection, Long Pants and Shirt